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Lock in moisture, create unique styles, and maintain healthy hair with this amazing deep conditioning hair enhancer. Its creamy texture makes it easy and enjoyable to coat the hair or apply directly on the scalp. Add waves, bring back natural textured hair, and make your hair healthy again JBC Enhancement Hair Conditioner.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil: Enriched Hair Conditioner (8oz)

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    • Condition & Hold Thick Wavy Types
    • Super Hydration Butter,Deep Conditioning hair Balm
    • Stretches Hair, reducing shrinkage
  • Neem essential oil,biotin,olive butter,jamaican black castor oil,seaweed,honey powder, vanilla root,aloe paste,flaxseed,goats milk, raw honey, almond butter,shea oil,habiscus,basil,crushed cloves,5 berries,calendula plant, amla, burdock root, vitamin E, D, & C

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