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Enjoy this rapid hair growth formula that will enhance hair growth and scalp reform Jamaican black castor oil is a fatty oil which contains butyric acid Since it’s high in omega a 36 and nine Butere as it is a fatty acid and found on the chain along with Omega which are the furthest from boutique as it on the chain omega-3 is the third car then from the Omega and thus the essence of its name omega six is the six carbon was a chain from the Omega and making both of them and essential fatty acid that is essential for the body

Jamaican Black Castor Oil: Omega 9+ Scalp Reform, Anti-Inflammatory... (8oz)

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    • locks in moisture
    • excellent for healing scalp eczema
    • assist with the removal of dandruff
  • omega-3, Omega 9, omega 6, coconut oi,l aloe leaf juice, hempseed, nettle, horse tail, vitamin F, B12, vitamin E, Flexseed, palm kernel, grape seed, avocado butter, almond oil, Shea oil, apricot oil, Sage, black cumin, Olive oil, rosemary oil, Yemeni honey

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