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- Man Cave Beard Enhancement, Growth Stimulant, and Conditioning Shampoo

- Man Cave Beard Enhancement, Growth Stimulant, and Conditioning Hair Butter

- Man Cave Beard Enhancement, Growth Stimulant, and Conditioning Elixir

Man Cave Hair & Beard Collection *Rapid Growth, Beard & Hair Thickener*

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  • Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Coco Butter, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond, African Wild Oats, Castor Oil, Vitamin A,E,F, Coconut water, Hempseed, Black Honey, Ground Lemon Peel, Burdock   Root, Avocado Butter, Rose Water, Aloe Plant, Tea Tree Oil, B12, B5, Nettle


    ***As always, we infused all promised ingredients in every bottle to ensure quality results after every use***

  • Shea Butter for your hair:

    • Shea butter is full of fatty acids and vitamins which help to hydrate your hair. Shea butter also has emolliating qualities, helping to lock in moisture without leaving hair heavy or greasy.
    • Massaging shea butter into your hair is a great way to retain or replace natural oils without stripping the ones on your hair and head. Plus, this extra stimulation helps to promote follicle growth.
    • Shea butter for hair is also a great way to combat frizz due to its smoothing properties. Using products infused with shea butter can help coat strands and soothe your scalp, tackling frizz.

    Mango Butter for your hair:

    • Contains vitamins that promote scalp health: Vitamin C is proven to block free radicals that can age the skin, hair, and scalp. In addition, vitamin C is essential for the body to create collagen to support our skin and hair.
    • Keeps hair hydrated: Mango butter is excellent because it contains nutrients such as vitamins E and A, which help with moisturization, and it also fortifies the scalp.
    • Prevents split ends: Mango butter is highly emollient. Due to its concentration of monounsaturated and saturated fats (and lower polyunsaturated fats), it can penetrate the hair cuticle to fortify the hair strand, reducing split ends and breakage.
    • It's hypoallergenic: For those with allergies to nut butter, such as coconut, mango butter is a great alternative.

    Coconut Oil for your hair:

    • Lice prevention. One small study found that when combined with anise in a spray, coconut oil was 40% more effective at treating head lice than the chemical permethrin.
    • Sun protection. UV filters can help protect your hair from sun damage. Some in vitro and skin studies have found coconut oil to have a sun protection factor of 8, so putting it on your hair could be useful.
    • Hair loss prevention. Excessive grooming can damage the hair shaft, which in extreme circumstances can cause hair loss. Coconut oil can help keep your hair in good condition and prevent this.
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