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An amazingly effective head to toe body cleanser for men that deeply penetrates the skin duet. We have used an abrasive clay that mildly exfoliates  the skin's surface, helping to remove embedded oils and dried sweat. With proper use, this formula will reduce odor causing bacteria as well as excessive dried sweat build up which can accumulate over time from using non-penetrating cleansers that leave your skin oily and stagnant. This product is - by far - one of Y adain Cultural Solutions' Signature Mixes. It's a special formula targeting that aggressive life men indulge into from hard work and high levels of physical performance. 

Sir Swag Penetrating Body Cleanser 4 Men

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  • Apply a small amount onto a wash cloth or loofa. Massage onto body until lather is as desired. Rinse off completely. For best results, use daily and follow up with Sir Swag Penetrating Body Moisturizer 4 Men.

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